Friday, 26 July 2013

A Slightly Foolish Attempt

I found some lace weight cotton and crochet hooks for an amazing price and decided to have a play.

I have only ever done one other crochet project and I think I may try a bit more full size before I play again.

That tiny little bit was several restarts, pick up of dropped stitches and what not. It took me most of 2hrs!


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Popcorn Bear - Once Upon A Time

This is a present for my mother-in-law. 

Very near finished... just procrastinating on the back-stitch.

There is a slight 'in-house' joke with this piece; her sons call her a duck. And as you will see there is one featured in the work (though I am more implying she is the bear).

She loves ducks and has quite a few statues of them, but not appreciative of being called one.

Thus I though 'her' reading with/to a duck was appropriate. 

This will be part of a birthday/Christmas gift with one piece of a set of something *cough* Disney Swarovski Crystal Lion King set *cough*. This set will have me set up present wise for the next 3yrs. I feel like I am cheating but they were not cheap!

I have several other in the Popcorn Bear series that I will probably try and do one a year to go with the crystal. I also have one for myself, and another friend (she loves bear and wanted one after seeing my progress on FB).

Click 'Read More' for other WIP's!


Friday, 12 July 2013

Sprite Stitch Stitch-a-long Sampler

Too long since an update but I am a forgetful person so that is my excuse. 

Also I always sit there and go "I'll do it later" and later never comes....

I have only completed one thing since my last post.

My colouring was blue willow china inspired. Very pleased with this =)