Thursday, 26 September 2013

Gothic Rug by Natalia Frank

This was what pattern made me HAVE to attempt miniature embroidery.

Pattern from Natalia's Fine Needlework blog

I was very pleased upon poking around Natalia's site to find she was selling patterns/kits for it. Internal head monolog was just "!!!!!!" lol

It just appeals to every part of me. It probably says something that when I showed my mother she just said "Of course. I would worry if not even that pattern could convince you" *sheepish*

After trying the pillow (harder size gauze, but easier for it would be less torturous to finish if I couldn't handle the detail) I realised it wasn't as worrying as I had feared.

My biggest down fall is still counting. Do you know how hard these are to unpick?! I have been learning the hard way.... I tell you when it takes four times longer to unpick, you get more careful very fast.

Biggest advantage to the pillow is that the rug is on 40ct vs pillow on 49ct. It significantly easier to unpick, but not much easier to count still. Especially on the train.

Friday, 6 September 2013

A Trial in Miniature

 I have been ogling miniature embroidery for several years now. The hardest thing about starting it was finding the silk gauze to do it on.

None of the standard sewing shops (in Australia at least) seem to have it, even most of the specialised ones have never seen or stocked *sighs*

I had found a copy of "Celtic, Medieval and Tudor Wall Hangings in 1/12 Scale Needlepoint" by Sandra Whitehead on sale in Lindcraft a while ago and fell in love with the Celtic Knot hanging.

Alas, when I started to do the yellow in the middle I realised I had miscounted one direction by a stitch. If you look in the fourth photo there is an unfinished outer row? I thought I had messed up and stopped doing it. I would just do a 3rd row around the outside when done.... *facepalm* No... That WAS the correct number.

The knot was very snug and and no wiggle room. I could figure no way of editing that row out so I scrapped the knot and looked for another mini design for the middle.

And so you have the bee pillow:

Done in DMC cotton on 49ct silk gauze.
Final pillow size made up is roughly 1¼ inches or about 3cm

  • Silk gauze from Dollhouse Needlepoint Patterns & Kits (was from owner's Etsy store which has now closed). I will be posting her Gothic rug and doing at least another one or two of her other kits/patterns.
  • Pattern base from "Celtic, Medieval and Tudor Wall Hangings in 1/12 Scale Needlepoint" by Sandra Whitehead

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Friday, 26 July 2013

A Slightly Foolish Attempt

I found some lace weight cotton and crochet hooks for an amazing price and decided to have a play.

I have only ever done one other crochet project and I think I may try a bit more full size before I play again.

That tiny little bit was several restarts, pick up of dropped stitches and what not. It took me most of 2hrs!


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Popcorn Bear - Once Upon A Time

This is a present for my mother-in-law. 

Very near finished... just procrastinating on the back-stitch.

There is a slight 'in-house' joke with this piece; her sons call her a duck. And as you will see there is one featured in the work (though I am more implying she is the bear).

She loves ducks and has quite a few statues of them, but not appreciative of being called one.

Thus I though 'her' reading with/to a duck was appropriate. 

This will be part of a birthday/Christmas gift with one piece of a set of something *cough* Disney Swarovski Crystal Lion King set *cough*. This set will have me set up present wise for the next 3yrs. I feel like I am cheating but they were not cheap!

I have several other in the Popcorn Bear series that I will probably try and do one a year to go with the crystal. I also have one for myself, and another friend (she loves bear and wanted one after seeing my progress on FB).

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Friday, 12 July 2013

Sprite Stitch Stitch-a-long Sampler

Too long since an update but I am a forgetful person so that is my excuse. 

Also I always sit there and go "I'll do it later" and later never comes....

I have only completed one thing since my last post.

My colouring was blue willow china inspired. Very pleased with this =)


Monday, 15 April 2013

Forever Friends - My Pony

 Neglecting my charity quilt square due to me getting angry at my pattern (teaches me to try and make it myself), I went on to a belated project that the kit was a gift for a friend.

I had offered if she wasn't up to trying it for herself. Alas, she asked me to, and I already had to do the Christening/Baptism present lol

Smart move Ish.

Annnyyywwaayyy. It turned out to be more portable than my other projects, and I have been doing a lot of traveling to Sydney for work.

Add the extra bonus of being paid for 4hr stints of sitting in a mostly empty temp store with no work?

Means I got a lot more done than expected... Buuutttt my other projects (*cough*) have not been done.

*looks wistfully at the Sprite Stitch stitch-a-long she had hoped to do*

First WIP is MIA. Not sure where it has gone *shrugs*

Here is the cross stitch. Started 22nd March and finished 15th April.

Anchor Forever Friends - FRC109xs My Pony

The pattern/kit have the rosette pink, but since it was a 1st place ribbon, I thought it only right it should be the correct colour *wink*

Now I just need to get this framed for a combined birthday/Christmas present!

Maybe I can go onto the sampler now (if I can get the changes I want to make right).

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Gorjuss - New Heights (Pt.2)

Update was not so soon...

I have been busy running between Newcastle and Sydney for work..

It has also taken me a little while of procrastination to finish, and get this up.

Back stitch is the bane of my being. Part of the reason it got put aside ...

Anyways, here we are from back stitch to finish

Back stitch completed on the books to the left.

All back stitch completed; washed and ironed as well on right.

There were a couple of other WIP's but they are a bit crumpled/not worth it.

Both of these pictures are the work aster framed. I went with a triple matting because it looked the best. It also was the best I could do to match the cotton candy pink they have painted the room.

The project is meant to be something that will be kept as long as possible so colours had to be picked with care to be something that will stay neutral  as she grows up.

Sorry for the reflections in the last two photos. It is a combo of glass and not wanting to take the protective plastic off till I get it to them.

It is done. That is the main thing!


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Gorjuss - New Heights

This project is a present for my new goddaughter.

Here is a catch up of WIP's that have been done to date.

Dress is primarily done on a train trip to and from Sydney.

Primary parts of dress and nearly all her skin done. Hair started.

 Hair finished, started work on silver then onto book tower. Once done book tower and ground did the 'wallpaper' in the background which is a little hard to see in last picture.

An update with the back stitch started will be posted soon.

Was meant to have it completed and framed by the 10th Feb. for the Baptism, but I was unable to complete in time.


Sunday, 20 January 2013



My name is Carly, and I live in Australia.

Having just bought a house in a new area I have found myself currently in limbo and seek activities to occupy me in my between times. Here I will try and post what I am doing OTHER than unpacking/cleaning/organising.

This is a place for me to rant and post mostly about crafty endeavors (sometimes books and food as well).

If you are reading this, I hope you enjoy =)