Monday, 15 April 2013

Forever Friends - My Pony

 Neglecting my charity quilt square due to me getting angry at my pattern (teaches me to try and make it myself), I went on to a belated project that the kit was a gift for a friend.

I had offered if she wasn't up to trying it for herself. Alas, she asked me to, and I already had to do the Christening/Baptism present lol

Smart move Ish.

Annnyyywwaayyy. It turned out to be more portable than my other projects, and I have been doing a lot of traveling to Sydney for work.

Add the extra bonus of being paid for 4hr stints of sitting in a mostly empty temp store with no work?

Means I got a lot more done than expected... Buuutttt my other projects (*cough*) have not been done.

*looks wistfully at the Sprite Stitch stitch-a-long she had hoped to do*

First WIP is MIA. Not sure where it has gone *shrugs*

Here is the cross stitch. Started 22nd March and finished 15th April.

Anchor Forever Friends - FRC109xs My Pony

The pattern/kit have the rosette pink, but since it was a 1st place ribbon, I thought it only right it should be the correct colour *wink*

Now I just need to get this framed for a combined birthday/Christmas present!

Maybe I can go onto the sampler now (if I can get the changes I want to make right).

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