Thursday, 26 September 2013

Gothic Rug by Natalia Frank

This was what pattern made me HAVE to attempt miniature embroidery.

Pattern from Natalia's Fine Needlework blog

I was very pleased upon poking around Natalia's site to find she was selling patterns/kits for it. Internal head monolog was just "!!!!!!" lol

It just appeals to every part of me. It probably says something that when I showed my mother she just said "Of course. I would worry if not even that pattern could convince you" *sheepish*

After trying the pillow (harder size gauze, but easier for it would be less torturous to finish if I couldn't handle the detail) I realised it wasn't as worrying as I had feared.

My biggest down fall is still counting. Do you know how hard these are to unpick?! I have been learning the hard way.... I tell you when it takes four times longer to unpick, you get more careful very fast.

Biggest advantage to the pillow is that the rug is on 40ct vs pillow on 49ct. It significantly easier to unpick, but not much easier to count still. Especially on the train.

A good thing about having the pillow it was pre-mounted with no brain exertion by me needed for the best way to stretch it.

I would just like to say now: I love my Stitch 'n' Grip frame. For the best results it can only be used with certain materials, and the whole work has to fit within it, but it stays taunt and perfect.

I had a piece of even weave that I messed up and had been playing around. I butchered it into four and used that as my extra material to stretch it (please ignore Yoshi and the burlesque line art on the back of the template ^^; ).

Ready so go and it is lovely and tight... and unlike hoops it won't slip!<3

I will get some more even weave and do it properly for next time (actually overlock the edges, allow more material for a more 'comfortable' fit). Will also machine sew the gauze and even weave together as well to make more secure.

As a general idea, it worked fantastic. Just a few easily fixed execution problems that I will change next time. Other than that, I don't have much else to say. So how about I stop rambling and just post the WIP's?

 9th September            &           10th September

 Both from the 10th September

  10th September            &            11th September

12th September            &            17th September

19th September           &           23rd September

And finally what I am up to today.


Some days I do significant amount,other days nothing towards the end (having to tell myself I do have other stuff to do ^^

Here are a few extras. All three a macro shots done by a colleague who has a lens for. 

Nooowww... I have to go and finish the Once Upon A Time, Popcorn Bear project for I am meant to be giving it away.

I wasn't kidding when I said before I procrastinate on doing back stitch *makes a face*


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