Thursday, 1 January 2015

Some Adventures & Mini Trials

During my silence I have also been working on some miniatures for a dolls house that is in pieces at the moment.

Now our mini tenant moved into our house in February last year and I have been terrible at renovating their manor. It was a real fix-upper on closer inspection so it got demolished and is being rebuilt.

In the meantime I arranged to have a... town house? Shop extension? *shrugs* Added to give our poor tenant and her pets somewhere to live in the meantime (and give me a project that doesn't make me want to cry). Here is a slightly dodgy photo of her room at the moment.

Her bedroom floor will be laid I hope by next week (or started).

She has her Robbin Hobb books on the chair, cookies in the tin and some knitting at the foot of the bed (plus the wrapping paper she forgot to put away).

She really does need to change her calender and open her Christmas present though!

Below the cut are some other things I have been working on, including some closer looks at a few items.


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